Vatren Jurin

Vatren Jurin

Partner and Vice President Product Strategy at DunhamTrimmer

Vatren Jurin, an agricultural innovation leader and veteran in the specialty nutrition, adjuvants, and biostimulants industry, took up the role of Vice President of Product Development at DunhamTrimmer, a market leader in business intelligence for the biocontrol, biostimulants, biofertilizers, and specialty nutrition industries, on March, 2022.

With a career spanning 28 years, his experience includes product development, formulation, marketing, and business development capabilities. As a grower and consultant, he has worked with crops in North and South America, solving plant nutrition problems, paving the way towards a successful career with Brandt Consolidated, where he led agronomic services for nearly 20 years.

At Compass Minerals, Vatren served as Senior Product Manager, leading their North American Innovation Lab, and aiding in the development and commercialization of disruptive specialty fertilizer products for seed, irrigation, and foliar applications.

Vatren has achieved revenue growth across the organizations he has worked with, identifying and scaling groundbreaking technology in plant nutrition, adjuvant technology, biostimulants, seed treatment, and sustainable crop protectants. His commercial knowledge is extensive, covering product evaluation, mergers and acquisitions, international regulatory compliance, agronomy, horticulture, fertigation, aquatics, and ornamentals. Recognized throughout the world as an agricultural innovation expert, Vatren is a prominent speaker in leading forums worldwide, having delivered over 500 presentations. Industry publications such as Growing North, Productores de Hortalizas, Ag Professional Magazine, and New Ag International frequently seek his expertise to understand the future of agronomy and sustainable agriculture. With his collaborative, values-driven style, Vatren Jurin not only drives powerful business results, but also fosters a positive corporate culture.