Dra. Marcela Sangorrin

PhD Marcela Sangorrín

Director of the Biodiversity and Biotechnology of Yeasts Group at the National University of Comahue Neuquén, Argentina


Dr. Marcela Sangorrín completed her Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences at the National University of Mar del Plata, where she also earned her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (1998) focusingon enzymes and protein purification. In the same year, she moved to Neuquén to join the National University of Comahue, where she currently serves as an Associate Professor and Independent Researcher with CONICET, based at the PROBIEN Institute (UNCO-CONICET).

As the director of the Biodiversity and Biotechnology of Yeasts Group, her research encompasses various areas involving these microorganisms, such as wine and cider fermentations, hybrid generation, industrial enzymes, killer toxins, Biological Control, among others. She has successfully supervised the direction of five doctoral theses in yeast biotechnology, with two others in progress. Additionally, she has been actively involved in extension and transfer tasks, and has published approximately 40 papers in international journals and book chapters on the subject. Dr. Sangorrín is also responsible for securing grants from agencies such as Agencia, CONICET, PFIP, and International Agreements. Furthermore, she has developed a patent on the topic of Biocontrol of postharvest diseases in pears using native yeasts.