Dr. Prometeo Sánchez, México

Dr. Prometeo Sánchez

Researcher at the Postgraduate College of Agricultural Sciences, Mexico.


He obtained the degree of Philosophy Doctor in Agriculture at the Russian University in the Russian Federation in 1992. He is a Full Research Professor at the Postgraduate College since 1993 and his work is related to plant nutrition. He was secretary of the Mexican Society of Soil Science A.C. and is currently president of the Mexican Society of Plant Nutrition, A.C. He has participated as a counselor and advisor to more than 300 undergraduate, masters and doctoral students. He is author and co-author of 120 articles in national and international journals, as well as 6 manuals and books. He has given more than 500 courses and workshops on different topics of plant nutrition to technicians and growers in Mexico, Central and South America. He has participated as a lecturer in more than 200 events and has organized 3 international and 6 national congresses. He is a member of the National System of Researchers. He has been responsible for and collaborated in 15 projects financed by national and international organizations. He is an advisor and consultant for national and foreign companies in soil, water and crop nutrition management.

Lecture title:

Bioestimulacion y estrés abiótico: estrategias biológicas contra los efectos de la sequía, exceso de agua, falta de humedad y suelos salinos.