Owen Jones

Owen Jones

Entomologist and consultant at Lisk & Jones


Dr Owen Jones is a specialist in life science technologies. He advises clients on technology issues related to semiochemicals, microbial products, biostimulants and plant-derived products. Until 2021, he was Head of Global Strategy at Suterra LLC and worked at AgriSense BCS Ltd, a company he helped found in 1984. which he helped found in 1984 to develop and commercialise pheromone-based insect monitoring and control systems. He also served on the board of directors of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA) for five years and served as president of IBMA for a two-year term. He holds a PhD in entomology from Cambridge University and has published widely in scientific journals and textbooks on integrated pest management. He is currently a consultant with Lisk & Jones Consultants.

Lecture title:

«Feromonas y semioquímicos: nuevas estrategias de biocontrol para cultivos intensivos y extensivos»

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