Marcus Meadows-Smith

Marcus Meadows-Smith

Presidente ejecutivo de Bioconsortia


With a degree in Biological Sciences and Genetics from the University of Birmingham, UK, Marcus Meadows-Smith is a leading figure in the global biologics industry. He rose to global prominence after chairing the company AgraQuiest, which he transformed from a small start-up to the target of a US$500 million buyout by Bayer in 2012. After that he served for a couple of years as head of strategy and business management for Bayer's biologics unit. In 2014 he took over as CEO of Bioconsortia, a well-known Californian company dedicated to developing microbial solutions that improve plant phenotypes and crop yields. With previous roles at Sumitomo Corporation, Uniroyal Chemical and Chemtura Corporation, Marcus is recognised for his ability to select and lead teams of senior business executives and scientists, essential to the success of a biotech company. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

Lecture title:

«Las innovaciones que impulsarán el uso de biológicos agrícolas en los años que vienen»

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