Bioprotection: natural extracts & pheromones

  November 10th of 2022

  Online (Cvent Platform & Zoom)
  10:00 to 16:00 Chile time (GMT-3)


Chile Time (GMT -3)

Time Title Speaker
10:00 Introduction Patricio Trebilcock, Director of Redagrícola.
10:10 The current and future global use of sex pheromones in agriculture. Owen Jones, entomólogo y consultor en Lisk & Jones.
11:00 New strategies with pheromones to face six pests in table grapes and citrus. Alfonso Lucas, Phytosanitary researcher.
11:45 What to expect from an algae-based biostimulant? Sponsored talk by Acadian. Msc. David Hiltz, Director Global Regulatory Affairs & Analytical Science Acadian Seaplants Limited.
12:15 Semiochemical innovations and their impact on biological control. Agenor Mafra-Neto,CEO of ISCA Tech.
13:00 Break
13:30 New trends in the use of extracts and their potential in Latin American fruit production. Santiago Laserna, Technical Manager of Atlántica Agrícola.
14:30 Timorex gold, a solution for soil disease management in potatoes. Sponsored talk by STK. Juliana Cotrina, Development coordinator at STK.
15:00 Success factors for the use of extracts in agricultural control. René Neira-Clavijo, Development and Project Manager for Ecoflora/Gowan.


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